Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Birthday Pawty continues...........

Good morning, everyone! Today is the second day of my fabulous birthday pawty with Willow! I'm super psyched about today! Yesterday was just so much fun and I can't imagine that today will top it but it gets better and better!

After we left Sydney Harbour, we decided to go four wheeling! The Thuglets were racing alongside the car keeping us all amused! What a bunch of fun-loving Dales they are! There wasn't enough room for everybody inside so we had to pile on the roof! There's Mango and me and Herc and Molly and Gertrude and up on top is Toffee, JB, Hershey and Kaci, Clover, Rocky, Casper, Nikki, Buddy, Moco and Simba!

We were headed for Ayres Rock and once we got there we couldn't believe how huge it was! Holy Moley! You mean we're going to climb that thing?! Simba looked defeated from the start and Maggie didn't look any too happy about the climb either! Lorenza had her nose to the grindstone and was actually having fun with those short little legs! Stella had her "talk to the paw" attitude so we know she wasn't going to even attempt the climb! Myrna made it all the way to the top as did many others! We all deserve a round of applause as it was not an easy climb at all!

After our hot and sweaty climb, our hostess with the mostess suggested that we all cool off at the Great Barrier Reef and she told us all that she was a qualified scuba instructor and who wanted lessons?! Several doggie's paws went up! Taffy, Lacie, Ruby and Koobie were game as were Asta, Lola, Sparky and Kate! I give them lots of credit because there was no way I was going into that water! Do you think there might be sharks? No one came flying out so maybe not! Everyone did comment how gorgeous and vibrant the colors are and that it was definitely the experience of a lifetime!
A few of the wheelies took a short trip out to Jim Jim Falls. Everyone agreed that it was breathtakingly beautiful but no one wanted to be the first one in the water. The brave soul-wheelies include Gilbert, Myrna, Max, Trip-Trap, Roxy, Nigel? and Seymour! Opal was acting like a total tomboy and felt she needed to climb a tree! Gilbert had to come to her rescue to get her down! Poor Opal!

We were all pretty much pooped at this point and couldn't wait to get back to Noah's to rest up but one more stop and that would be Leura Cascades! Willow was totally enjoying herself as were Mango, Gussie, Sparky and George, Jake and JH, Katie, Eric, Teka, Zorra and Sam. Check out Ellie and Noah! They were smooching it up pretty good!

All I can say at this point is WHAT A PAWTY!!!! It's been SO much fun! I couldn't have asked for a better time! I want to thank all of you for coming and a big thank you goes out to Willow and her pinkies and Noah, Tess and Lucy for making us all feel so welcome and for rolling out the red carpet and for showing us the best time ever! You guys rock! I also want to thank our brilliant and gifted photographers, Asta and Koobie! We feel so fortunate to have you both and a big round of applause goes out to Ruby! That was one long flight and Ruby treated each and every one of us like royalty!

What a fun birthday pawty and and one I'll never ever forget!

So till next time -



Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME and Willow

Today is my 4th birthday, everyone and I'm so super excited! AireRuby is picking me up anytime now and I'm off to Australia to share my birthday with Willow and all of my friends! yippeeeeeeee

I decided that my soccer shirt would be the perfect outfit for me to wear for my birthday!
The flight down to Australia was sure a long one but all of my friends were with me and Ruby had stocked the plane with the most tastiest stuff to munch on! We landed right in front of Noah's house and I couldn't wait to give Willow a big Airehug seeing as we're both the birthday girls and we're celebrating together!
Here we all are right in front of Noah's house! Isn't the garden just the prettiest thing you've ever seen?! Noah's pinkies had prepared the most delicious breakie of bacon and eggies for all of us! We ate until we were stuffed!

After breakie, we headed down to Sydney Harbour to do some sailing! I've never been on a catamaran before so this was a real treat! I sure hope with all of this food in our bellies we don't sink the ship! hehehe Scruffy felt more at home in the water while the rest of us felt much safer topside! Lola and Penny are having a hard time keeping Stella in the boat! Pacco, Joey, Powder Puff, Faith, Tanner, Willow, Amber Mae, Sophie, Finni and Deetz are just enjoying the ocean breezes. Stanley is trying to get Asta behind the sail for a smoochie or two and Herc and I are behaving ourselves like the good doggies that we are!

What a relaxing and beautiful time we had but now we're all ready to hit Bondi Beach for some birthday cake and drinks!

Check out the Ayres Rock-shaped cake that Asta had flown in from a very special bakery! It was sure yummy and we ate the whole thing! And that's not all - Asta and her BFF Lacie chartered a plane to drag this fabulous happy birthday sign all over the beach! Lacie is the pilot and Asta is holding the sign! Don't drop it, Asta! hehehe Thank goodness neither one of them had anything to drink yet! The pawty guests include Flash and Peanut, who are chasing each other, Cassidy, Harry and BabyStan enjoying the warmth of the sand, Lorenza, who was dressed to kill as usual, Eric and Ruby, with adoring Mack at her feet, Girl girl, who had the cutest birthday cake hat on, Lucy and Willow, who are totally enjoying their strawberry daiquiri while Tess looked on. Herc must have sung Happy Birthday to me a zillion times, Gus and Louie and Faya and Pearl. Maggie and Mitch were goofing off and Happy and Gaia were sharing a plate of peanut butter cookies, Petra, Mr. T-Bone Beasley, who brought his lobster and eel stuffie because he couldn't bear to leave them home all alone, Joey had a bottle of wine all to himself and wouldn't share a drop, Noah played the didgeridoo for his sissy, Poppy and Penny and Molly and Sherman, Butchy, Molly and Gertrude, Taffy, Deetz, Snickers, Asta Marie, Dewey Dewster, Sitka and M.J., Toby, Thor, Toffee and Riley. Faya, Alf and Mindy are having their own private pawty in the water while Stanley is swimming over for a refill! Blue joined us too! See her waving from the boat?!

What a fun day! I can't wait for more fun adventures tomorrow! This is the best birthday EVER! Stay tuned, everyone!

The birthday girl,


Thursday, May 8, 2008

My 4th Birthday

I'm going to be 4 years old on May 18th and my friend, Willow's birthday is on May 21st and we decided seeing as our birthdays are so close to each other, we might as well celebrate together! I'm going to Australia!!!

You're all going to come, right? It's going to be so much fun! Thank you so much, Ruby for creating this beautiful invitation for us! It's just pawfect!

I've never been to Australia before! Willow has so many neat things planned for all of us like climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and visiting Ayres Rock and the Olgas and hopefully a trip to the Great Barrier Reef!

I can't wait to see my first kangaroo!

Be sure to stop by Ruby's blog and let her know that you would like to reserve a seat on her private jet to fly with the rest of us party-goers! It's going to be an event that you won't want to miss!
See you all soon!
The soon to be birthday girl~